The Czech Republic may not be the first winter sports country that comes to mind, but the possibilities in this country are enormous. It is a perfect holiday destination for families in particular for winter fun. We list the most important reasons for you.

Away from the crowd

Perhaps one of the most important factors due to Covid-19. Because the Czech Republic is less known as a winter sports country, it is much less crowded than in the more famous winter sports countries. This makes the slopes a lot quieter, so you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding at your leisure. An additional advantage: there are hardly any queues at the lifts. What more could you want during winter sports?

The winter sports areas are easily accessible

The winter sports areas in the Czech Republic are especially suitable for families. It is therefore extra nice that the traffic jams to the destination are almost non-existent during the holiday periods. Because the Czech Republic is located more easterly than other winter sports countries, you avoid traffic jams towards the popular ski areas.

Areas are suitable for families

The ski areas in the Czech Republic are well suited to the needs of families. Because the mountains in the Czech Republic are not as high as in the Alps, you will mainly find blue and red slopes. When the kids get the hang of skiing or snowboarding, the parents are always nearby due to the more compact areas. If you want to make a larger tour, you can use the connecting routes between the different areas.

Skiing and snowboarding for beginners

For the beginners among us it is a very nice country to learn the basics of skiing or snowboarding. The slopes are generally not extremely high, so you can make optimal use of the blue and red slopes. In addition, the slopes are wider, so as a beginner you have enough space to make turns. The advanced can easily pass it. Are you hesitating between skiing or snowboarding? Read more in our blog.

Affordable but good quality

The prices for lessons in the Czech Republic are a lot lower. The prices of food & drinks are also lower on average than in other popular areas. Perhaps you expect less good food, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is also plenty to eat for the children!

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