On a winter sports holiday with children; it can be a challenge. To make it as easy as possible, we give a number of tips to think about before you book your winter holiday. In this way, winter sports with children can still be very successful!

Ski lessons on a ski slope in your own country

The roller track, brush track and indoor track are perfectly suited to prepare children for the real thing. This gives the children a first impression of what it is like to stand on skis and/or a snowboard. In addition, they can already get used to the shoes and other equipment needed for winter sports. Tip; explain the concept of “Pizza point” in advance, so that during the winter sports the children are not disappointed that it is not a real pizza, but a braking technique..

Ski pass for young children

A ski pass should not be missing during your winter sports holiday. You are therefore obliged to go on the slopes with a ski pass. But does this also apply to your children? And if so, from what age are children obliged to purchase a ski pass? Are there adjusted prices or do we pay the usual adult rate? In general, the prices for a ski pass are for children from 5 to 15 years old. If your child is younger than 5 years old, your child can often go on the slopes under your supervision (free or low rate). Children from 5 years old do not always need their own ski pass. It is best to check with the ski school as they know exactly what applies in the ski area of ​​the holiday. Online it is often indicated whether the ski area is suitable for families and which colors of slopes there are. If you would like to book one of our holiday homes in a ski area, we would also be happy to assist you so that the winter fun goes smoothly with children.

Clothing tips

A tip that is also often used in the winter period is the mitten tip. You may remember the trick from your own childhood, but we still want to share it with you. Besides the fact that mittens are generally warmer than children’s gloves, the trick is to tie the mitts together with a cord/rope. As a result, the children always come back with two mittens after a day of skiing and they do not have to do antics on the slopes to retrieve a fallen mitten.

In addition, it may be sensible for certain periods/areas to put on extra warm clothes for the children. Put on several layers of thermal underwear and make sure the kids wear water-repellent ski clothes. This way they stay warm and dry during a day in the snow.

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Choose a child-friendly accommodation

We increasingly hear from parents with children that staying in a hotel during the winter sports holiday is not optimal. The disadvantage of a hotel is that you often do not have your own kitchen, space for the children to play in the room and it often lacks extra space to change a child, for example. We therefore recommend booking a holiday home during your winter holiday. This is for the following reasons:

There is often enough space in a holiday home, both inside and outside for the children to play;
In almost all holiday homes there is a cot/high chair available. If this is not standard, the homeowner will lend one in almost all cases;
A holiday home always has a kitchen. This allows you to easily prepare breakfast for the whole family or, in the evening, enjoy a home-cooked meal with the family and chat about the day.

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