Choosing between skiing or snowboarding; what are you going to do during your first winter sports holiday? You may have heard many different stories from other people, but what do you want? Read more about the difference, difficulty and tips here that will help you make the best choice for yourself.

What exactly does it mean?

With snowboarding, both feet are attached to your board and you move toward your toes. In the beginning this can feel a bit uncomfortable and it demands a lot from your balance. You will have to turn your head a lot to get an overview of the slopes. On the other hand, when skiing you stand straight ahead and your feet are in two separate skis. You have a continuous view of the slopes.

Learning to snowboard vs. learn to ski

In general, skiing is experienced as easier to learn than snowboarding. However, once you have mastered snowboarding, the technique is easier to master than skiing.

What do you feel most comfortable with?

Now that you’ve read the facts about the difference between skiing and snowboarding, it’s about what you feel most comfortable with right now. You can look at sports that you have done in the past, such as water skiing or wakeboarding. It is also important to look at your physical condition. Do you have weak knees? Then choose snowboarding. Do you rather have weak ankles or shoulders? Then choose skiing.

Keep in mind that both sports require a lot of dedication and that you (in general) do not master them within a day. Take the time to get used to skiing or snowboarding and get proper instructions. For example, you can choose to take a few lessons on an indoor track in your own country to be a little more confident in the lesson or on the slopes during your winter sports holiday.

Last but not least; Don’t forget to have fun in what you do! The wonderful mountain air, beautiful views and cozy après-ski ensure a great experience!

Skiing or snowboarding Snowincluded

Do you have any questions about the difference between skiing and snowboarding or are you still in doubt? Contact us and we will be happy to help you on your way.

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