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We personalize your holiday experience. 

The Snowincluded website collects information about users, their behaviour, their devices and mobile characteristics. We do this to keep our website reliable and secure, to measure performance and to provide personalised travel advice with relevant travel destinations.

If you choose “OK”, you agree to us sharing this information with third parties, such as our marketing partners. If you refuse consent, we will only use the necessary tracking and you will not receive personalised content. Select “Set Preference” for more information and to manage your options. You can change your preferences at any time. Please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions for more information.

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Snowincluded collects customer journey information to provide relevant sponsored content about our products. For example, to select content that matches your interests, we may use information about your purchases and interactions on the website. We may share this information and a customer identifier, such as an encrypted e-mail address or device information, with third parties like Facebook and Google. This helps us serve relevant ads on the Websites to you. We may also link this data to the different devices you use, as well as process data about the ads (for example, whether you clicked on an ad and made a purchase). This helps us measure ad performance and enable ad billing. To provide you with a relevant marketing experience, we also work with third-party partners.

Based on your interactions with the website, brand preferences and shopping habits, we may show you personalised content, for example items in the catalogue that match your preferences. Some personalised content may be sponsored by brands or partners selling products on our website; we may use click data to enable billing for this personalised, sponsored content. We also work with third-party partners to provide you with a personalised shopping experience.

We use this data to improve your shopping experience, prevent bugs and test new features, as well as for user experience and business-relevant shop analysis.

The data collected by these services is necessary for the technical performance of the website, to provide basic functions, for security and to prevent fraud.